Improving ''Luck'' one lure at a time.™

BFD Big Game Lures® are totally unique and wildly successful handcrafted trolling lures for offshore sport fishing for marlin, tuna, mahi-mahi, wahoo, and even sailfish.

We have researched, developed and designed big game lures that swim they don’t spin.  Our Oval Skirt Saddles provide a more lifelike silhouette (they look more like baitfish) and provide stability and action (they swim more like baitfish.)

We use the Rare Earth elements that revolutionized “glow” in trolling lures. (They glow longer.  Billfish dig it.)  BFDs have unique insert materials in the lure heads that provide deep color, iridescence, definition and contrast. (Pelagic fish like that kind of thing.)

We carefully belly-weight every lure by hand. (It’s a pain in the neck, but it’s worth it.)  We also give you recommendations for skirt combinations based on decades of commercial and sport fishing experience (so you don’t have to guess.)

We take the time to create the best skirted trolling lures for your successful offshore fishing, and improve your luck.  We think they’re kind of a BFD.

Not all skirted trolling lures are created equal.

See what makes A Real BFD different from any other marlin, tuna or other big game fishing lure you have used before.

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Or quit reading and fish!  Get yourself a BFD and improve YOUR good luck on your next offshore fishing trip.

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