Joe Yee, The Legend and his Lures

In 1960, an aircraft mechanic named Joe Yee began making trolling lures in his spare time.  Now, more than 50 years later, Joe quietly and modestly enjoys a pinnacle of success and craftsmanship recognized by big game fishermen the world over, all from the basement of his home in Honolulu.

Over the years Joe Yee has been offered large orders and mass-production capabilities, but he consistently refused and stuck to his crafting.  Joe still made a few dazzling lures in recent years, by hand, one at a time.  We are fortunate enough to have a few on hand that we can sell here on our website.

In addition to the great fun and enjoyment we get from collecting Joe Yee lures, we were honored to spend days with Joe in recent years, researching and preparing what we hoped would be the definitive work on the legend himself and his craft.  As a lure maker, a marlin fisherman and saltwater trolling lure junky, to spend time with Joe Yee, learn from him, and document his work, was a great privilege for me.  After more than 3 years of research and collaboration, we are very proud to say that our very special limited edition book, Joe Yee and His Lures, is now available available for purchase here on our website, until all 1000 copies are gone.

Joe Yee and His Lures with Eric White, by Dan Magers

A very special limited edition art book.

Joe Yee and His Lures is a “coffee table style” art book, measuring 9 ¼” X 12 ¼” with glossy, heavy weight, full-color gilt edged pages, case-bound in hard cover. More than 400 full-color photographs document a history of Joe’s work. You will find detailed lure descriptions, anecdotes about the way many of the lures’ names were derived, and beautiful skirted lure photos.  We have provided actual-size photos of heads with lengths noted, assisting the collector with identification.

Among the details about the lures, you will find anecdotes and quips from Joe himself.  We hope you will find, as we did, that the craftsman proves to be as unique and colorful as his lures.

You can read this article that shares some of the background of the book, as well as a few excerpts. Please click on the image you see here on the right to preview a flipbook that contains a few selections from various pages and chapters.

Only 1000 limited edition, numbered copies were printed.  We recommend that any collector grab one right away while they last!    Buy The Book

“This book is fantastic and it is beautiful. I am going to show this baby to some friends! Thank you for such a great book.” – Jerry A.
“This book is super informative and cuts right through all the myths surrounding these incredible lures. The photos are astonishing. Lure porn in its finest form!!!” – Dave M.
“This book is absolutely beautiful and Joe sounds like an interesting guy. It is amazing. Looks to me like this book took a LOT of work.” – Dean C.
“Good morning Dan, Got the book yesterday. WOW, very, very nice and great job! It is so cool!! Thank you again.” – Ken A.

Authentic Joe Yee Lures

Joe’s handmade one-at-a-time lure heads are not only beautiful, they catch fish … a lot of fish.  One of Joe Yee’s creations, The Super Plunger, is credited as having caught more thousand-pound Marlin than any lure ever made.

Here on our site, alongside our own hand crafted lures, you will find not only a Super Plunger or three available from time to time, you will also find the occasional Apollo, Peanut, Crackerjack and more.  Check back often, because you never know what we may have decided to sell from one week to the next, and you may just find a rare beauty to complete your collection.

Joe Yee Lures Available