The BFD Difference

BFD Big Game Lures – There is a difference

So what is it that makes A Real BFD a successful lure?  The Belly Weighting, The Oval Profile, The Glow Language, The Skirt Combinations, or all of the above?

BFD has produced an undeniably successful lure design after a lot of research, development, testing and production.  You can take a look in our gallery or talk to any salt water sport fisherman that has used a BFD, and they will tell you (well … maybe they will tell you … you know how secretive we fishermen can be) that a BFD improves their ‘luck’ every time.

So what is it that makes a BFD a successful lure; the belly weighting, the oval silhouette, the glow, the expert skirt combinations, or is it all of the above?

Belly Weighted

Belly weighted lures were determined to be more effective back in 1912 by Shakespeare, Heddon and Pflueger.

Over 100 years ago it was proven that belly weighted lures that did not spin were more effective.  Today, a handful of pelagic lure makers belly weight saltwater lures, but they are far from the majority.  It is rather inconvenient to manufacture belly weighted lures.  All BFD Big Game Lures except for the 6” Bullets are belly weighted.  By hand. One at a time.

Oval Saddles

Oval skirt saddles present a more lifelike silhouette.

Nobody has ever heard a Marlin say “that oval shape really fooled me.”  But for those of us fishing them, the evidence is clear from our own experience and from regular reports of the ovals’ out performance.  Ovals also contribute to the “no spin” stability of BFD lures and can be trolled at higher speeds if you wish.

There are challenges to manufacturing lures with oval skirt saddles, but we think it’s worth it.  The only marlin, tuna, mahi, dorado or wahoo skirted trolling lures made in the world with oval skirt saddles are made by BFD Big Game Lures.

Glow that Lasts

Glow in marine fishes was reported by Alexander von Humboldt in 1802.

Glow in fishing lures was pioneered by the Moonlight Bait Company in the early 1900’s.  Peter Pakula brought glow to Marlin trolling lures with his “Lumo®” skirt pattern which has been far and away his most successful.

It requires additional material and time to infuse lure heads with quality glow elements.  BFD makes dramatically more successful lure heads infused with the new Rare Earth based elements, to create ‘glows’ that last.

Expert Skirt Combinations

Eric White’s proven skirt combinations are the result of decades of on-the-water experience.

There is no question that these combinations improve your ‘luck’ with any successful lure – not just BFDs – if you know them and know when to use them.  We are fortunate to have Eric lend his knowledge and narrow the field.  BFD’s skirts are manufactured in the combinations Eric recommends.

Get the Edge

There is a lot of research, thought and extra effort built into every BFD skirted lure, and not because it’s convenient.  These extra steps help give you your best shot at successful marlin, tuna, and other big game fishing.  Your success is our top priority.

Get the edge. Put a few handcrafted BFD lures in your spread, and fish the difference.